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How do I know if there are items eligible for protection on my own farm?

If you own forests or unsorted calls that have not been dug for a long time, the area may agree to be a Metso Protection Point. Experts from the ELY Center make an estimate of the protection of the subject without charge.

What size should the protected area be?

The site should have a surface area of ​​at least 4 hectares, but areas with very low or even conservation values ​​may be metso-eligible.

What are the limitations of protection for the use of the area?

In short, forestry use in the area, such as logging and landscaping, is prohibited. Otherwise, the use of the area will remain unchanged. More specifically, this is agreed on a case by case basis with the landowner.

Can the area hunt?

The hunting rights of the area are decided by the landowner, as it has been so far.

How is the termination compensation defined?

The starting point is the financial loss due to the prohibition of forestry in the area. Usually compensation is mainly based on the value of the object's stock.

Will the compensation be paid annually or at once?

Remuneration is paid in one installment as a lump sum.

Is there a tax on compensation?

Compensation is tax-free income.

Are there any signs of terrain and where do others know that the area is protected?

As a rule, the area is not marked on the terrain unless a prohibition or restriction on movement or landing in the area. The protected area is marked on the map and will be entered in the register of the holding.

If the protection is permanent, will it also be the next owner?

The conservation decision is also binding on the future owners of the area.



Are there other protection options?

In the Metso program, an area can also be purchased by the state or a fixed termination agreement.

Will the landowner bear the cost of protection?

There are no direct costs to the landlord.

Can the area be sold forward?

The item can be sold forward normally, but usually less than the stock value.

Can the protection be disassembled?

The Nature Conservation Act is familiar with the procedure for the dissolution of protection in special cases. Then the conservation values ​​of the area must have disappeared or the subject must be so socially important that the protection is dismantled.

Are there a tax on the area if the property tax on land is met?

This can not be given a definite answer because it is based on political decisions in due course. However, the area will be removed from forestry use and forest law.

Do snow or storm swells need to be repaired in the area due to the "blaze"?

No. The area is not a forestry country, and the "pet law" does not apply to it. The resulting droppings improve the nature conservation value of the site. If there are public use routes in the area, Metsähallitus will remove hazardous trees if necessary.

How do you get to the area of ​​leading forestry units and payment units?

The forest road is deciding on this. The shareholder has the right to request the conversion of units from forestry units to recreation units, for example.

How long does it take to make a decision and pay a fee?

Upon receipt of a written suicide agreement, the ELY Center shall take a decision on this matter and apply for a decision on the legality of the administrative law. Usually compensation can be paid 2-3 months after the decision.

How are we going to move forward?
Contacting the Lapland ELY Center will initiate the process.