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Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Lapland
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Conservation actions are expected to result in:

  • Protection agreements over 2 800 ha; and
  • Restoration actions in the Natura 2000 sites (forest restoration on 50 ha; mire restoration actions on 120 ha).
  • Restoration and nature management practices outside the Natura 2000 sites are expected to result in:
  • Mire restoration over a total of 770 ha;
  • Production of dead wood over a total of 200 ha;
  • Production of charred and burned wood on 150 ha;
  • Nature management plans over a total of 5 000 ha; and
  • Green infrastructure and ecological connections across some 250 km in total.

Forest resource information as a part of the METSO program in NATNET Life+ project 

In NATNET Life+ project funded by the EU Life+ Nature, METSO program will be carried out in the project area through voluntary protection agreements. As a basis for the negotiations is the forest resource information of forest estate. The information is needed to make an estimation of monetary value of the property. Through the following link you can find approval form, which you can use to authorize ELY Centre to get the forest resource information needed from The Finnish Forest Centre. You can print the form here.   

After printing and filling in the form, you can post it to the following address:

        Lapin ELY-keskus
        NATNET Life+ /Jouni Rauhala
        PL 8060
        96101 ROVANIEMI

ELY Centre operates on NATNET Life+ project in cooperation with The Finnish Forest Centre, The Finnish Forest Research Institute and Metsähallitus Forestry and The Natural Heritage Services.


A.     Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

  • Nature inventory
  • Nature management plans
  • Planning of the restorations and production of rotten, charred and burned wood
  • Preparation work of the protections and compensation payments for use rights
B.      Purchase/Lease of land/or compensation payments for use rights
  • Compensation payments for use rights
C.      Concrete conservation actions
  • Restorations and nature management actions in the Natura 2000 sites
  • Mire restorations in privately owned and state owned commercial forests
  • Production of rotten wood
  • Controlled burning
D.     Public awareness and dissemination of results
  • Website
  • Information letters
  • Newspaper articles, notice boards and brochures
  • Seminars, briefings and meetings
E.      Overall project operation and monitoring
  • Project management and monitoring by ELY Centre
  • Networking with other projects
  • Scientific monitoring